Seminars to

24 Dec, 2001 10:00 PM

poor season

PLANS are already underway by the Department of Agriculture for a series of seminars in 2002 to support farmers affected by the fickle adverse seasonal conditions.

The workshop will be regionally driven, focusing on local issues and options that will assist producers to maximise the season ahead.

They will build on the department's Dry Season Response, which was initiated a year ago in response to the record dry conditions.

While there are still areas in drought, other locations in the northern and southern Wheatbelt have been hit by unseasonal rain.

During the year the department submitted two successful Exceptional Circumstances (EC) assistance packages, securing financial and social assistance for landholders on the South Coast and the south eastern Wheatbelt.

Another two-part EC submission is presently being considered by the National Rural Advisory Committee, for areas in the north eastern Wheatbelt and an extended area in the south eastern Wheatbelt.

Enquiries about this submission or existing EC declarations should be directed to the department's Farm Business Development Unit on 1800 198 231.

For other broadacre enquiries during the festive season growers can contact Cropline for agronomic and harvest assistance on 1800 068 107 or fax 1902 290 535.

For advice on health or social issues contact the Health Department's Health Direct hotline 1800 022 222.


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