Shearing shenanigans

30 Nov, 2005 08:45 PM

FAR from the usual wine tasters and tourists, a crowd gathered at Taylors Studio in Middle Swan recently for a different kind of cultural experience.

A shed out the back was transformed, fitted with a stage for the WA premier of The Gun.

The play's slogan, shearing shenanigans, summarised perfectly the bush yarn written by John Taylor and Hellie Turner.

Hellie also directed the play, which was masterfully acted out by kompany M.

It was guns all-round - but not of the firearms variety - as the tight-knit shearing team of Blue (played by Steve Turner), Gus (Luke Hewitt) and Yakka (Quintin George) took the audience through a typical day in the shed.

Throughout the play, the responsive audience was treated to witty lines and songs with Blue demonstrating his gun shearing and fathering abilities; Gus flaunting his passion as a gun knitter; and Yakka as proud as punch about his reputation as a gun in the sack (according to roustabout and Yakka's girlfriend, Jess (Leanne Page, who also played Blue's daughter, Jilly).

It was difficult to believe the actors were not professional shearers, as each had mastered the craft of virtual sheep shearing and roustabouting.

The play, which has been performed in Bendigo, wrapped up to a huge round of applause (and with good reason) from the audience packed into the shed.

A pun-packed performance was delivered by kompany M in what was a cleverly written play on the shearing craft and culture.

If this play were to go on the road around WA, there is no doubt it would receive an excellent response.


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