Skateboarding park

18 Dec, 2002 10:00 PM

THE youth of Dalwallinu have rallied in a time of severe drought to make their vision for a skateboarding park a real possibility.

After five years of fundraising, the Dalwallinu Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), have received a total of $31,000 in funding and are currently exploring two other avenues for financial assistance.

To date $10,000 has been donated by the Dalwallinu Shire Council, $13,000 from the Lotteries Commission, $5000 from the Dalwallinu Community and Sporting Assoc supported by the Dalwallinu Hotel and a further $3000 from YAC fundraising.

The project will require a sum of $40,000 to begin construction, an objective the group is hoping to meet by the end of July next year.

Several YAC members attended a council meeting last year open to all community members and presented their ideas to councillors with an encouraging response and a generous donation of $10,000 to help get the project off the ground.

The design of the park is intended to facilitate the interests of children and teenagers alike, with provision for bicycles as well as skate-boards, roller skates and roller-blades.

The initiative to build a skateboarding park compliments the local beautification project underway for Johnston Street in Dalwallinu by the Townscape Advisory Committee, a group of interested councillors and residents who have greatly supported the proposed construction of the park.

Tarsh Gould, Elders merchandise sales representative and YAC spokesperson for the group has been an active force in the preparation of submissions for the project and is full of praise for the determination of local teenagers.

" The park will be such a positive outcome for the community in a really tough season and the project is a credit to all those who worked hard to make the funding possible," she said.

The Dalwallinu YAC is one of the largest and oldest youth groups in WA and is composed of both local teenagers and those further afield in the farming community.

The aim of the park is ultimately to be a public purposes facility and a meeting place for all young people and will be built in an area where adult supervision can take place in a non-intrusive way.


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