Small farms package

30 Apr, 2003 10:00 PM

A COMPREHENSIVE information package for small landholders was released last Saturday at the Balingup Small Farms Field Day.

Department of Agriculture animal industries project manager Simon Merewether said the free information package would provide small landholders with advice on rural property management.

"With the number of people purchasing small rural landholdings expected to reach 40,000 by 2005, there is an increasing need for quality and comprehensive information," he said.

"The information package, which includes a publication titled 'Biosecurity for Small Landholders' and a 'Small Farm' web page on the Department's website, will offer enormous assistance to small landholders looking to improve their practical knowledge and farm management skills.

"The idea of owning a small farm or patch of bush is becoming appealing to more and more people, however some landholders don't realise the level of responsibility and commitment associated with owning a rural property."

Mr Merewether said the publication and Small Farm web page provided advice on how landholders could protect their properties from degradation, pests and diseases, and offered practical information on issues such as property planning and management, weed control, and use of chemicals.

Biosecurity for Small Landholders and the Small Farms web page can be accessed from Biosecurity for Small Landholders will also be available from local offices of the Department of Agriculture.


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