Stock feed industry adopts QA scheme

30 Jul, 2003 10:00 PM

WITH the world's population expected to reach 7.8b by 2025 and 9.2b by 2050, demand for animal protein globally is expected to triple by 2030, driving demand in the animal feed industry.

Stock Feed Manufacturers Association of Australia executive officer John Spragg said the driving factor would be increased purchasing power associated with higher standards of living in developing countries.

"By 2020, 928mt of cereals will be used globally in the animal feed industry," Mr Spragg said.

With an annual production of 10mt, Australia's share of the global animal feed industry amounts to 1.6pc, with USA accounting for 24pc.

Raw materials used in the Australian industry include 76pc grain, 12pc oilseed meals, 5pc pulses and 7pc by-products.

Animal feed use in WA is currently 712,000t, which is 7pc of the national total.

"In an industry that has been plagued by food scares and had much attention from activists, Australia has a good reputation," Mr Spragg said.

"Quality assurance is an industry responsibility and the Australian stockfeeds industry launched FeedSafe in March this year."

The association has applied a code of Good Manufacturing Practice with audits to be conducted by a third party.

"There were fears that we may lose members by adopting this QA system, but in fact we have gained members," Mr Spragg said.

"Compulsory compliance is seen as essential and all members will comply by September 2004."

"While identity preservation has not really been an issue over the past 50 years, now it is."

"Chemical residues in meat, BSE, the presence of dioxins in the food chain and the introduction of GM crops have highlighted the need for the feed industry to be able to identify the source of every tonne of grain used.

"The use of GM canola meal that was not segregated from the non-GM product would create difficulties for stock feed manufacturers.

"Major milk processors have set a 5pc limit on GM raw materials within dairy feeds."


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