Sweltering heat breaks records in WA

30 Oct, 2009 05:35 AM

The last day-or-two has been hot in WA, near-record for many districts, including the Eucla, Goldfields, Interior and Pilbara where it has nudged the mid 40s.

October records were broken in Port Hedland on Wednesday night, where it didn't cool below 28.3 degrees.

That's 10 degrees above average and two higher than the previous October record high minimum, and records go back more than 60 years.

It was probably no great surprise to residents who had to put up with 44-degree heat on the previous day

On Wednesday Balladonia in the Eucla managed to reach 41.6 degrees, 17 above average and their hottest October day in 81 years of records.

That sweltering day came after a stifling night when the low was 21, 12 above average, another October record.

That same night in Kalgoorlie it stayed above 25 degrees all night, making it their hottest October night in 68 years of records.

This heat has been replaced by cooler winds near the state's south coast but is still lingering over the inland and north, where further records may be broken in the next day-or-two.

A more significant cooler change will sweep through much of the south and interior from Sunday, but the north will be hot for a while.


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