Telstra service lacking in bush

15 Dec, 2004 10:00 PM

MOORA Chamber of Commerce president Richard Murray reckons Telstra's got a lot of work to do to just get the mobile phone network up to scratch.

Mr Murray, who uses his CDMA mobile phone constantly in his trucking business, said services around Moora have not improved over the past five years.

"There are still a lot of areas between Perth and Moora where we can't get a signal," he said.

And landline-based internet services were still slow in the district.

Mr Murray did not have faith that services would be up to scratch by the time Telstra was fully sold off.

"I don't think we'll have too much say in the sale of Telstra really," Mr Murray said. "The government will do what it wants to do."

If improvements are not made quickly enough, Mr Murray said the chamber could join forces with the the WA Regional Chamber of Commerce to increase lobbying pressure on the Federal Government.

Mr Murray was worried about maintenance and service levels once Telstra was sold.

"We wouldn't like to see it sold if they're not going to provide the service to the bush," he said.

Mr Murray urged local people worried about future Telstra services to lobby their local politicians.


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