Terragator 'best show and tell' at Wagin

30 Jun, 2012 02:00 AM
Johnine, Devon, Deizel, Huia and Jagger Barlow take a moment to have a photo on top of the machine.
Johnine, Devon, Deizel, Huia and Jagger Barlow take a moment to have a photo on top of the machine.

WAGIN District High School pre-primary students were treated to an unusual and slightly exaggerated form of show and tell recently when Deizel Barlow’s dad, Huia, brought a terragator to school.

About a month ago, Deizel took a photo of the farm machine to school one day which caused a lot of interest with the other students so it was decided that they would enjoy seeing the machine up close.

Miss Clark and Miss Hodgkin’s pre-primary classes, as well as the kindergarten children, made the trip out to the oval where they were extremely surprised to see just how big the terragator was.

Mr Barlow told the students that the machine was used to spread fertiliser on farmer’s paddocks and answered any questions, including the popular “why are the wheels so big?”, “does it go fast?” and “why do you put sheep in the back?”

The students were excited when they were allowed to climb onto the machine and see inside the cab, sit inside the tyres and walk around underneath the gigantic machine.

Miss Clark said it was good for the students to have some exposure to farm equipment because not everyone came from a farm.

“It is also good for them to get an idea of what other people do – all they see is school and this shows them that there are other things out in the world,” she said.

The best was saved for last when Mr Barlow took the terragator for a demonstration drive around the oval, tooting at the students as he went by which was met with lots of excited waving and happy faces.


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