THE first load of de-hulled lupins from the Australasian Lupin Processing (ALP) plant in Forrestfiel

31 Jan, 2007 08:45 PM

The first load of de-hulled lupin kernels left the plant on January 17, 2007, and will be used for stock feed.

ALP plant manager John Doncon said that while the plant was still to be officially commissioned for operation, the test samples indicated the lupins were of high enough quality to start selling into the market.

³The original test results were very promising and clearly indicated to us that the product was good enough to sell into the market,² Mr Doncon said.

³The results from the first load of de-hulled lupins produced protein levels at around 40pc.

³Prior to processing, the lupins were recording protein at only around 32pc.

³The initial reports from Milne Agrigroup following the delivery of the first load have been extremely positive and they have been particularly happy with the quality of the de-hulled lupins from the plant.²

Mr Doncon said the finishing touches to the plant were now being made, with the mill anticipated to be fully commissioned in the first quarter of 2007.

³The plant will have a total capacity of 200,000t and will be the largest of its kind in the world,² he said.

³We expect to be able to process around 20,000t of 2006-07 season lupins this year and continually increase on the tonnages processed per annum following.

³WA is a significant origin of high-quality lupins.

³Processing this grain to augment its nutritional value will increase its appeal to domestic and international markets and the lupin de-hulling plant will allow the growers of WA to increase their links to both domestic and international end-user customers.

³Through the processing plant, we are creating new markets for WA lupins and allowing growers to secure greater returns for their core product.²


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