THE majority of WA¹s Parliament has snubbed more than 66,000 West Australians who signed a National

31 May, 2007 07:00 PM

Even the State¹s DLS architects, Member for Kalgoorlie Matt Birney and Member for Ballajura John D¹Orazio, could not agree on the original workings of the Bill they created.

Mr Birney centred his parliamentary attack last week on WA National Party leader Brendon Grylls, accusing him of espousing the virtues of DLS, while jumping on the anti-DLS bandwagon debate.

While admitting he would not support the National¹s one-year DLS trail, Mr Birney said he would have supported a two-year trial period even after brokering the initial three-year trial with Mr D¹Orazio last year.

Mr Birney also said he advocated dropping the months of February and March off the trial.

³I remain firmly committed to the concept of DLS,² Mr Birney told Parliament last week.

³I remain firmly committed to allowing the people of WA to experience it in a trial.²

Mr D¹Orazio said anti-daylight saving protesters were acting on a whim and admitted he proposed the three-year trial so a referendum was not hanging on the Government¹s head in the election year.

He was also critical of the National Party and said DLS was the only issue The Nationals had relevance in the community.

³Personally, I think this is not an issue on which there should be a referendum,² Mr D¹Orazio told Parliament.

³Because the scary part about it is that the people who will decide the issue are those who could not give a damn.

³Depending on which side of the bed they wake up on that morning, they will decide whether this is carried or not.

³Every time publicity surrounds the people who are negative, the people who support it come out and tell me how fantastic DLS is and that I should stick to my guns because they are relying on me to make sure DLS gets a fair trial.²

WA Nationals Leader Brendon Grylls admitted he initially thought there would not be too much opposition to DLS from the WA public.

Mr Grylls also went on the public record supporting DLS.

³But I found out early on in the piece that I was very wrong,² he said.

³DLS was sprung on people without their approval and politicians like Matt Birney, John D¹Orazio and a string of meek country-based Labor MPs think it¹s okay.

³Birney and D¹Orazio have worked out there¹s a big wave of public opposition to their little plan for DLS.

³They want to share the grief with as many people as possible.

³No one can deny that the public opinion has changed on DLS.²


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