THE Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) is launching WA¹s first carbon trading scheme as

25 Jun, 2007 08:45 PM

³We are delighted to have Dr Christine Jones from Carbon for Life talking to farmers about the Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme,² Mr Currans said.

³Agriculture and other land management practices have a significant impact on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, both through emitting and removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere via carbon sequestration.

³Carbon can be sequestered on farm land in the form of soil organic carbon, litter and above ground biomass, and in trees.

³Any increase in the carbon stored on a farm is regarded as sequestered carbon.

³Under a carbon trading scheme this sequestered carbon can be sold as Carbon Credits.²

Mr Currans said NACC would measure the carbon sequestered on farmland, with the ASCAS securing Rio Tinto to buy the carbon credits produced under this project at $25 per carbon credit.

³NACC has contributed $20,000 to enable preliminary benchmarking of the carbon sequestered under different perennial land uses across the NAR,² he said.

³We are calling for expressions of interest from farmers to have their paddocks of perennial pasture included in the pilot project.

³The analysis of the data collected as part of this pilot project will provide the basis for future trading.²


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