THE Pastoralists and Graziers Association has urged federal agriculture minister Peter McGauran to g

06 Dec, 2006 08:45 PM

The association¹s Western Graingrowers chairman Leon Bradley said WA growers had indicated their lack of trust in the disgraced AWB, by withholding their wheat from the national pool.

³The Howard Government¹s decision to transfer the wheat export veto to a National Party member as the main sponsor and protector of AWB is curious to say the least,² Mr Bradley said. Mr McGauran is a Nationals member and Victorian MHR.

State Agriculture Minister Kim Chance said he was surprised, shocked and stunned by the decision to remove AWB¹s power of veto and transfer it to Mr McGauran.

Mr Chance said the decision had effectively put an end to the status quo of the single desk. He questioned wether the Federal Government had thought the matter through effectively.

³We can kiss the single desk as we know it goodbye,² Mr Chance said.

³There¹s still a lot of information missing but on the face of it, it appears as if this decision will effectively kill AWB, presuming Mr McGauran gives CBH a licence to export wheat.

³That would rip the heart out of the national pool and leave AWB with little or no wheat to export and put a huge strain on the whole system.²

Mr Chance said he did not understand why the Federal Government had made its choice.

³Surely they could have stuck with the current law and got this year¹s crop out of the way then opened the single desk up for bidding which of course would have included AWB in the process,² he said.

³AWB may not have won the bid but if existing laws were reinforced and that process was established, it would surely have helped to minimise the costs of servicing the national pool.²


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