THE positive daylight saving dialogue of the past two months is wearing thin with WA rural com-munit

15 Feb, 2007 07:00 PM

Nationals MLA Max Trenorden has also submitted an official Parliamentary question to Premier Alan Carpenter in regard to the issue.

Mr Trenorden said the question asks whether any research had been done into possible negative effects of daylight saving.

³It appears there¹s a large pro-portion of the public against day-light saving and all those politi-cians who said the public were in favour are off the mark,² Mr Trenorden said.

He said 80pc of his Avon constituents were against daylight saving before the legislation was introduced.

³A lot of people who did support it are now finding their mornings are shot to pieces,² Mr Trenorden said.

Nationals WA leader Brendon Grylls told Farm Weekly the Par-liament switchboard and the Nationals secretary had been inundated with daylight saving protest calls.

³Neither Alan Carpenter nor Paul Omodei bothered to listen to the West Australians who oppose the idea,² Mr Grylls said.

³It¹s not just country people who don¹t want it.

³Many people living in the metropolitan area have relayed their frustrations to the Nationals.

³What more proof does the State Government need, to realise that Western Australians don¹t like or want daylight saving?²

WAFarmers president Trevor De Landgrafft said a referendum was needed well before October.

Mr De Landgrafft said placing the referendum as far away as 2009 was a ploy by government proponents of daylight saving to establish a sense of status quo in the minds of voters.

³To be fair to all Western Aus-tralians, they must have a vote im-mediately after daylight saving,² he said.

Mr De Landgrafft said rural communities had become exasperated with the constant Œfaded blinds and milking cows¹ daylight saving rhetoric being pinned on them.

³We¹re not simply backward rural people not wanting to change,² he said.

³We¹ve actually found that farmers are now working that extra hour and mums and dads are eating later and trying to get the children to bed.

³The problems are going to be accentuated with all the children going back to school this month in the heat.²

Agriculture Minister Kim Chance voted against daylight saving in Parliament last December, but told Farm Weekly he would not support the Nationals¹ push for an early referendum.

³As a Parliament we decided to go with a three-year trial and that¹s basically what we should stick with,² Mr Chance said.

He said he had met a lot of people whowould have been marginally in favour of daylight saving and had probably changed their minds since.

³They thought there might have been a benefit, but now they have tried it and they¹re not too keen on it,² he said.

Mr Chance said the sentiments were not exclusive to rural communities and young metropolitan families had given similar feedback.



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