Thursday 14th August

25 Jun, 2003 10:00 PM

Local Thursday Program - Visons and Benchmarking

The theme ³Vision and Benchmarking² explores the idea that these are inextricably linked. That is, the big picture requires vision as well as attention to detail and monitoring to be successful. This flows on to the need for appropriate benchmarks and for agriculture to provide comparable returns to other industries, to remain a vibrant and growing industry.

The theme also recognises the fact that most agricultural businesses are run by family teams where individuals within the business tend to specialise but work towards common goals.

This exciting and challenging program is provided for local delegates from all major agricultural sectors whether it be Beef, Arable Crops, Pork, Viticulture or Dairy.

The Local Thursday program is designed for local delegates as an alternative to the field visits. International delegates are also welcome to attend this program, but it is most suited to Australian Farmers, Consultants and Farm Business Managers.

The special two-day package will enable you to attend the Local Thursday program as well as your choice of either the Wednesday or Friday of the International program. This will most suit those who are unable to attend for the full week, or who are considering attending the Agribusiness Sheep Updates which will be run on the Tuesday/Wednesday of the same week.


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