Tuckey jumps first hurdle with MPCI

26 Feb, 2009 03:00 AM

FEDERAL MHR Wilson Tuckey has won in-principle support for a Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) scheme from the Federal coalition backbench advisory committee for agriculture.

Mr Tuckey, who has championed the cause of MPCI for more than decade, said the endorsement was a step towards including MCPI as a policy position of a coalition government.

"It could be implemented," Mr Tuckey said.

"I would hope we will be able to convince the current (Federal) government of the merits of the scheme because it stacks up better than any other government-assisted scheme, including Exceptional Circumstances (EC) funding," Mr Tuckey said.

"I've discussed (MPCI) with some of my colleagues and they prefer this type of scheme to any open-ended approach such as EC funding."

Mr Tuckey said it was now a matter of putting flesh on the bones of the scheme and his first meeting to discuss that direction would be held at Bruce Rock on March 23.

Among other things, the scheme would include insurance protection against frost, fire, hail and flooding

"In general terms, the insurance proposal is simply to guarantee a farmer can plant a crop in the following year," Mr Tuckey said. "It would be a policy to recover costs of planting a crop.

"There also could be an average cost of production formula worked out to include livestock producers.

"In effect it would be a safety net and anybody who did not insure would have no rights to government assistance.

"I would consider that finance companies would insist on this insurance where borrowings were involved."


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