WA attacks GPA lobbying on WEA

08 Oct, 2012 02:00 AM
GPA chairman Peter Mailler strongly refutes the PGA’s claims.
GPA chairman Peter Mailler strongly refutes the PGA’s claims.

GRAIN Producers Australia (GPA) has rejected claims it acted without a mandate before lobbying to retain and expand Wheat Exports Australia’s (WEA’s) legislated market oversight powers.

WA-based Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) chairman John Snooke wrote to Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig last month saying GPA should be stripped of its representative status.

The association withdrew its support for GPA as the industry’s national peak body in April, saying GPA had “turned away from its original charter as a self-reliant independent organisation based on direct representation from grain growers and evolved into a replica of the failed Grains Council of Australia”.

Mr Snooke said GPA was dominated by the “vested interests of State farming organisations (SFOs), including those who support the return of the single desk”.

He said this was most apparent in GPA’s plan to retain WEA and broaden its role.

“This attempt by GPA to centralise the power of WEA removes many existing industry funded specialist organisations including Grain Trade Australia (GTA), Wheat Quality Australia (WQA), and Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre and forces a new financial burden on WA wheat growers who already disproportionately fund the operations of the WEA through the Wheat Export Charge (WEC),” Mr Snooke said in the letter.

“GPA is also attempting to increase its own role and funding stream by establishing itself as a representative organisation under a revamped WEA, charged with providing domestic and international advocacy for the Australian wheat industry.”

Mr Snooke claimed three months before consulting with stakeholders, GPA wrote to all Federal MPs and senators calling for the WEA’s retention under a new charter.

“According to GPA’s financial statements, as of March 31, 2012, GPA had 132 members, which is hardly representative of the 27,000 graingrowers GPA claims to represent in their letter,” Mr Snooke said.

“Despite GPA’s claims they consulted extensively with graingrowers and industry on this important policy position, it would appear the chairman and board members of GPA had already formulated their policy position prior to consulting its members, including having little, if any, consultation with the WA grains industry and in particular WA wheat growers.”

He questioned whether GPA could act fairly and impartially.

But GPA chairman Peter Mailler strongly refuted the PGA’s claims, in particular around consultation timelines.

Mr Mailler said GPA created a discussion paper on the WEA issue that was released in June 2011 and not July 2012, as claimed by the PGA.

He said the discussion paper was developed by reviewing submissions to the Productivity Commission’s 2010 report on the deregulated market’s progress.

Mr Mailler said the paper listed issues around port access, cargo integrity of wheat exports and stocks information, which PGA also listed in its original submission to the Commission’s inquiry.

“We have common ground, which was the foundation of the discussion paper we wrote and released in June 2011,” he said.

“But saying we didn’t consult with anyone until July 2012 is just garbage; we started our work a year before that.

“What John Snooke is saying in the letter to the Minister is grossly untrue; we’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time consulting farm groups.

“The timelines and assertions around our consultation process are completely wrong.

“I’m frustrated at what’s been said because it’s just a cheap-shot way of having a go at the GPA in regards to our role as the representative organisation.”

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Pete Mailler
8/10/2012 6:14:15 AM

As the recognised Representative Organisation, GPA has a responsibility to represent the interests of 27000 grain growing entities across the whole of Australia whether they are members or not. We take that responsibility seriously and consult widely, openly and often, including with PGA, to achieve that goal, but we can't please everyone all the time. National representation in the grains industry is complex and at times divisive. GPA has not actively sought any members since September 2011 while we work with state bodies to resolve the national representative issue finally.
Sick of sfos
8/10/2012 6:49:39 AM

Another Snooke lie . Would PGA western graingrowers like to tell us how many members and how many tonnes they represent. They never have before and they won't now because the answer is three yes three people are all they represent, sorry now plus CBH
8/10/2012 9:30:24 AM

Neil Wandell of CBH has publicly stated PGA members deliver around 5-6% of grain to CBH (3 yr average). On that basis PGA couldn't claim more than 200 grain producing members. At least it makes them a whole lot bigger than GPA! Who does GPA consult with? Have they held any meetings, produced anything that actually gets to farmers. Sorry, an organisation that should stick to oversight of GRDC for the PIERD Act, sit quietly on the Biosecurity panel and stop making claims about representing grain producers on anything else.
8/10/2012 8:30:03 PM

Peter ,GPA have no relevance to WA growers and you have to note that both PGA and WAFF agree re the demise of WEA, only the second time ever that these two bodies have agreed on a major grain issue ( Adoption of GM the other). GGL would represent more growers on a national basis than any other body . Its time we had some rationalisation of "so called" industry representative groups
15/10/2012 10:16:10 AM

Hey Pete are you offering up East Coast on farm stocks in exchange for stocks held by CBH? Didn't think so. You want to have your cake and eat it. The GPA is extremely dangerous to the West Australian producer. There is no way you can represent the best interest of WA wheatgrowers without looking after your own interests. Another drought year, means another year of crappy grain out of Australia. No amount of regulation can make it rain when it means the most to producers.


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