WA, Brazil strengthen trade ties

30 Mar, 2005 08:45 PM

AGRICULTURAL trade relations between WA and Brazil will be strengthened as a result of a visit by a delegation from the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Agriculture Minister Kim Chance said the delegation would investigate opportunities for collaboration in agriculture, animal and plant health, food processing and trade, education, training and other areas.

"We are also aiming to establish agricultural research and development collaboration in areas such as biosecurity, and help facilitate relationships between the agri-food industries of both states," Mr Chance said.

The State Secretary of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Food Supply in Sao Paulo, Duarte Nogueira Jnr, heads the 10-member delegation at Mr Chance's invitation.

Sao Paulo State has a population of more than 36 million and a Gross Domestic Product of Aus$425 billion, making it, in financial terms, the most important state in South America.

It has the largest industrial, agricultural, commercial and services centre in Brazil and plays a paramount role in the Brazilian livestock industry.

It is also the world's largest producer of orange juice and the second largest producer of soybeans and sugar cane ethanol.

The Department of Agriculture Trade and Development Directorate is hosting the delegation's eight-day visit to Australia.

The majority of their time will be spent in WA, where they will be given an overview of WA training and technical services in biosecurity and food safety.

They will also tour the state's leading abattoirs and horticultural enterprises in the South West.

"Building networks in the agribusiness sector and developing relationships with Brazilian companies can help attract investment into the WA agricultural industry, particularly in the area of sugar cane and ethanol production for the planned Ord River Stage 2 development, the citrus industry and the pig industry," Mr Chance said.

"WA could also benefit from the provision of education services and developing exchange programs in conjunction with the University of the State of Sao Paulo in the field of agribusiness."


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