WA continues to swelter

31 Mar, 2011 11:33 AM

TODAY marks Perth's 58th day without rain, as we continue to swelter through our hottest months on record.

The Bureau of Meteorology today reported that Perth has not had a drop of rain since 0.4mm was recorded on February 1.

But our lack of rainfall isn't breaking records just yet – the longest dry spell was in the summer of 1974-75 when Perth has 83 days without rain.

Perth has also had 57 days over 32 degrees, the longest hot spell since records began in 1897, smashing the average number of hot days of 33.9.

The previous record for days over 32 degrees through January to March was in 1978, when there was a 47 day spell.

So far this month, the metropolitan area has also had well above the average number of hours of sunshine, with an average of 11 hours per day – 1.5 hours above the long-term March average of 9.5 hours.

This puts the 2010-11 Perth summer as the sunniest to date



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