WA feels the heat as the mercury soars

29 Dec, 2009 04:54 AM

PARTS of Western Australia saw their hottest day so far this summer as temperatures rocketed into the 40's.

Perth, the Central West, Lower West and Southwest all sweltered with Monday's maximums lifting as much as 10 degrees above average.

Perth hit 39.6 this afternoon, 11 above average, making it the hottest day since February.

Perth Airport scraped above 40 degrees, making it the hottest day since January.

The heat was drawn southwest from the interior by a deepening west coast trough. The dry heat lifted fire danger ratings throughout the southwest to severe and even catastrophic in places.

Some notable hot spots were:

  • Pearce 41 degrees, 11 above average
  • Morawa 44 degrees, 9 above average
  • Lancelin 40 degrees, 13 above average

For those that find the heat too much, good news - it will be short lived. Tuesday will see a cloudier day with the odd shower about, although the morning will feel hot, a change will arrive by the mid afternoon.

The change will be humid, so conditions will not feel much fresher immediately. However, by Wednesday and with continuing southwesterly winds, things will cool down into the mid twenties.

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30/12/2009 9:48:04 AM, on Farm Weekly

Nice and cool today. Well below average I should think. Any announcements?


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