WA GM approach applauded

07 May, 2009 02:00 AM

EDSTAR Genetics managing director Ian Edwards has applauded the State Government's handling of the large-scale genetically modified (GM) canola trials in WA this year.

Dr Edwards said the trials had made a modest and cautious start.

He said Agriculture Minister Terry Redman deserved full credit for staying on course and providing 17 WA growers with opportunities to evaluate GM canola on their farms.

Dr Edwards said it now remained to be seen how well the GM canola varieties and hybrids performed this season.

"Growers will make their own choice," he said.

"There were many growers who did not get the chance in WA this year and they will certainly be looking for an opportunity next year."

Dr Edwards said there had been a tenfold increase in GM canola uptake on farms in NSW and Victoria this year, compared with GM cropping's first year in 2008.

"It is a question of choice which is something that our growers have been denied these past years under the Labor Government and ex-agriculture minister Kim Chance," he said.

Dr Edwards said the politics surrounding GM crops had also played out smoothly despite the potential for anti-GM campaigners to disrupt the trials.

He said that WA Labor's policy on GM crops, and the anti-GM outbursts of opposition agriculture spokesman Mick Murray, were now completely at odds with Federal Labor and the Labor governments of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

He said the GM Crops Free Areas Act required an exemption order is granted so the trials can take place.

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Vicki Wilson
8/05/2009 12:10:01 PM

Of course he would applaud the GM introduction as he has a vested interest in GM contamination. What the farmers cannot do though is trial correctly on their farms against the non-GM canola and publish that as they sign the Monsanto agreement that forbids it. They are forever contaminated with GM and will regret that decision in times to come as they pay more for canola over a period of 5 years. Each year GM canola increases its prices sometimes even doubling within one year. Check out other countries on the staggering increases in prices within a very short time. A bad path for all that this has even been allowed. Consumers do not want this product. The majority of farmers do not want this but will have no choice due to contamination not only in the silos but in their own paddocks. Our democracy and freedom has been blown away with the wind and our pro-GM government.
8/05/2009 2:39:39 PM

Dr Edwards? "It remains to be seen how GM canola performs". Where have you been for the last twenty five years Doc? There is a mountain of evidence which shows clearly that despite all the tricks that Monsanto and its mates can pull, they have been unable to show the drought resistant, bountiful crops they keep promising. Redman must be the most gullible minister that Monsanto has had to deal with. The tenfold increase he refers to in farmers taking up GM must make about eleven so far!


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