WA honoured in Peoplescape

31 Oct, 2001 10:00 PM

THREE Western Australians from three areas of agricultural development will be among thousands of famous and unknown Australians honoured in the Peoplescape.

Other Western Australians from many walks of life will also be featured among the figures brought together win the national capital, Canberra. They feature in life size person shape canvases in the Peoplescape, which will stretch from Old Parliament House, up the lawns of Federation Mall to eventually spill over the grassy banks of Parliament House.

The event is the national finale to the Centenary Year celebrations. It will be launched and broadcast live and on national television on Sunday, November 25.

The Peoplescape brings out the stories from the outback, the country and the city, from past and present and applauds the individual contributions of ordinary Australians.

Among the Western Australians are Jerramungup farmer and district pioneer of post war land settlement in WA, Bob Twigg.

Colin Cameron, nominated by Jerramungup Shire, who is recognised for his outstanding war service land settlement guidance in the development of 182,500ha into 140 war service farms in the Jerramungup region and the town of Jerramungup.

The third person is Bremer Bay's first settler John Wellstead (1820-1896), who farmed until his death in 1896. John Wellstead's sons, grandson and great grandsons continue to farm in WA.

Bob Twigg is recognised for helping and making and keeping the Jerramungup district in the forefront of landcare in Australia.

He came from Cowra, NSW and is an original member of the Fitzgerald Biosphere Project Committee which is recognised worldwide. He developed 1666ha at Jacup while living in the end of a galvanised iron shed - like many others.

He is a quiet achiever, never seeking the limelight from his work in initiating the local landcare movement.


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