WA lessons from Qld

24 Dec, 2001 10:00 PM

THE Pastoralist and Graziers' Association has claimed the Federal Government has given the states an important lead by exempting the clearing of recent Brigalow regrowth in Queensland from provisions of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

PGA president Barry Court said much of the private farmland subject to clearing bans in WA was scrub regrowth, cleared since 1986.

"If the WA Government followed the lead recently given by the Federal Government and allowed farmers to clean up regrowth on their land whilst leaving other natural remnant vegetation, that would go a long way to solving the massive problems and uncertainty created by State clearing bans."

"Probably around half of WA's land clearing bans, apply to country that was cleared over the past 15 years, that has since regrown as virtually useless and unsightly country," Mr Court said.

"In many cases regrowth farmland was purchased for its production potential before clearing bans were imposed in WA.

"Many of these properties were rendered unviable when purchasers were blocked from completing their development."

Mr Court said the Federal Government was now saying that whilst remnant Brigalow communities in Queensland must be protected from clearing, and that other State laws on clearing must be observed, Brigalow regrowth of poor quality was no longer considered important.


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