WA researchers lauded

24 Sep, 2003 10:00 PM

THREE young WA agricultural researchers have been honoured in this year's Science and Innovation awards.

The trio's research focused on soil-borne diseases, forest fire control and the biological control of weeds.

There were 18 winners from around Australia. Each will receive up to $8000 to undertake year-long projects which will benefit their respective industries.

The WA state winner was Murdoch University's Nari Anderson, who is developing a test for the early detection of soil-borne pathogens.

S Anderson is a PhD student at Murdoch's School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology and is funded through an Australian Research Council linkage grant.

She believed her project would help give farmers an advantage when it comes to disease management on their properties.

Research and Development Corporation-sponsored winners from WA are Anna Traeger and Terry Walshe, both from the University of WA.

Ms Traeger¹d award was from Land & Water Australia and her work is on the biological control of Australian weeds, targeting the appropriate choice of an agent to control native and exotic weed species.

Mr Walsh's award was from the Forest & Wood Products RDC and he will examine the use of fire in Australian forestry management, including a study of historical fire patterns in forests and the development of a flexible method of assessing different vegetation types.


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