WA supports decision

21 Aug, 2002 10:00 PM

WAFARMERS and the PGA have applauded the recent Federal Cabinet environmental sustainability committee recommendation that could force State Government's to provide compensation where property rights have been infringed.

WAFarmers president Colin Nicholl said the Federal Cabinet's endorsement of a multi-departmental submission would pave the way for formal property rights for farmers affected by controversial water reforms under NCP.

"WAFarmers will be lobbying State Government to adopt the Federal stance on property rights and participate in the forthcoming COAG meeting to ensure WA farmers are given full consideration in the debate and not overwhelmed by the Murray-Darling lobby from the Eastern States," he said.

He said the announcement was timely given current Federal and State reviews of water supplies for rural areas and particularly in light of WA's worsening water supply situation.

Mr Nicholl said the decision also opened the door to progress the property rights debate on land clearing and was timely for WA farmers in the light of the State Government's recent Environmental Protection Act reforms.

"WAFarmers members can be assured that this opportunity will be fully utilised to continue the battle to obtain recognition of the right to farm and the implementation of appropriate compensation measures where this right is eroded," he said.

He said WAFarmers had been a strong critic of NCP in the belief it delivered no benefits to rural Australia and worked in detriment to rural Australia.

"This move by Federal Cabinet vindicates these views," Mr Nicholl said.


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