WAFarmers considers

30 Jan, 2002 10:00 PM

The WAFarmers Federation has continued to push ahead with plans to introduce a levy system to rescue it from its current funding crisis.

But compulsory levies have been ruled out as an option.

WAFarmers president Colin Nicholl said it was unlikely WAFarmers would pursue a similar system to the fisheries model, which involved a compulsory levy.

He said while there were favourable elements to the model and it was essential to find a plan that was acceptable to industry.

"We have got to find a better way of funding because there are insufficient funds to run our organisation properly," he said.

Political farm bodies had made major breakthroughs in the past, including reductions to road freight rates, developments in quarantine and industrial relations, but a shortage of funds would limit future success of groups, Mr Nicholl said.

Still under development, the preliminary proposal would be put to members during a series of zone meetings in February, before being fully developed and discussed at WAFarmers annual meeting in March, he said.


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