WAFARMERS grains council president Ray Marshall has resigned after he formed an unofficial alliance

25 Oct, 2006 08:45 PM

However, it is understood he has resigned after falling out of favour with members of WAFarmers hierarchy over the move.

Robert Doney has accepted the new president¹s position while Julie New-man has stepped into the senior vice-president¹s role and Trevor Badger is the new vice-president.

A special Grains Council meeting was convened earlier in the week to confirm the positions.

In addition to the resignation, a letter was sent to Prime Minister John Howard outlining WAFarmers¹ view in relation to its support of the single desk wheat export marketing system.

Mr Marshall said he would take sole responsibility for the alliance with the PGA.

³I wish to reiterate that I believe that I have acted in line with WAFarmers¹ policy of protecting the integrity and security of pool participants in undertaking these actions,² Mr Marshall said.

³I agreed with the PGA that it would be worthwhile to issue a joint statement to make the Prime Minister aware of the situation that WA pool participants were facing, and agreed as harvest was fast approaching that the lifting of the veto from AWB International and transferred to the Wheat Export Authority would be a quick and simple method to alleviate grower risk.

³My suggestion was that this veto removal should be an interim solution until other solutions could be found.

³I had no problem with this option because it was in line with WAFar-mers¹ policy of protecting the integrity and security of pool participants.

³I did have problems with the due process as this would be a decision based solely on my judgement, which was against the principles of open communication and good governance I espouse. It is in the interests of transparency and accountability that I am providing this information.

³Making this decision caused me much anxiety and I deeply regret the lack of due process, however, I do not regret the reasons I based the decision on.

Mr Marshall said at the end of the day, the issue was not about the grains councils of PGA and WAFarmers getting together ‹ it was about ensuring a better future for wheat growers and financial protection for the pools.

He said he was not yet totally convinced wheat growers were adequately protected from the financial threat facing them over AWB¹s actions in Iraq.


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