WAFarmers tackle Wong on climate change

27 Feb, 2009 12:10 PM

WAFarmers yesterday met with Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong, and Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke, to continue discussions on agriculture's involvement in, and impacts of, the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

The meeting, which involved key agricultural representatives from across Australia including WAFarmers' climate change spokesperson, Dale Park, examined ways in which agriculture can fully participate in the CPRS.

"WAFarmers has long maintained the position that farmers are a bigger part of the solution to the greenhouse emissions problem, than they are a contributor, and a key message put forward at the meeting was that farmers must be given this opportunity to contribute to the solution," Mr Park said.

"In order for farmers to be involved in reducing the nation's carbon footprint, it is essential that research is undertaken to support and formalise available mitigation activities.

"WAFarmers welcomes yesterday's announcement by Minister Burke for $26.8 million of funding from the Climate Change Research Program, which will examine ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector."

The Climate Change Research Program has three core priorities - reducing greenhouse pollution, better soil management and adapting to a changing climate.

"Further funding from the Climate Change Research Program needs to be made available for research in soil management, including carbon sequestration, and WAFarmers looks forward to announcements in this area," Mr Park said.

"Research on carbon sequestration and soil management is essential and will aid in the argument that Kyoto rules need to be modified to allow for agriculture’s full participation in any carbon reduction scheme."



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