WAFarmers welcomes diuron decision

30 Nov, 2011 11:23 AM

THE Western Australian Farmers Federation (WAFarmers) has welcomed the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority’s (AVPMA) decision to allow the continued registered use of the herbicide, diuron, by Western Australian broadacre farmers.

The decision is the latest phase of a review which began in 2002, based on environmental and human health concerns which specifically focuses on the potential for contamination of the marine environment through agricultural runoff of the chemical.

WAFarmers Director of Policy, Alan Hill, said the APVMA’s decision endorses the current broad acre use patterns of diuron in Western Australia.

“In making its recommendation the APVMA did issue a list of restraints for the use of diuron. However these will not impact on the chemical’s current use in broad acre crops,” Mr Hill said.

“Diuron users should be aware and familiarise themselves with the restraints to use the chemical.

“The APVMA’s rulings were in line with comments in WAFarmers’ submission to the review that further restricting the use of diuron in Western Australian broad acre farms was not warranted.

“Today’s decision ends months of uncertainty for farmers regarding the use of diuron,” Mr Hill concluded.

WAFarmers will work with industry to ensure the correct use of diuron in broad acre crops.


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