WANTFA and Agsystems in technology pact

30 May, 2001 10:00 PM

AGSYSTEMS and WA No-Tillage Farmers Association have formed a relationship to assist farmers to implement profitable and sustainable farming systems.

Agsystems is providing a Beeline system as a technology partner for 2001/2002, to assist at the WANTFA Research and Demonstration Site at Meckering.

Agsystems offers Beeline precision farming technology, which includes a range of very accurate systems with hands free technology, steering assist.

"The relationship was developed with WANTFA to assist technology development in the agricultural sector. WANTFA's core business includes providing farmers with information on innovative research.

Agsystems also has a major focus on research and development in the agricultural sector, as the developers of Beeline - the world's leading agricultural precision guidance system," Agsystems WA manager Neil McAlpine said..

Many trials are held on the WANTFA leased site near Meckering, under the supervision of a WANTFA subcommittee made up of local farmers and scientists. About 20 trials are held annually and the site is open to the public for three field days held in July, September and October.

Beeline will provide the high precision operations technology required for the WANTFA trails, so they can perform precision operations with high accuracy.

"The farmer driven research and demonstrations undertaken by WANTFA highlight our policy to transfer the most up-to-date information and research to our members.

The relationship with Agsystems helps us with these trials and demonstrations and ensures our members can see the latest industry advancements," WANTFA's Meckering R&D sub-committee secretary Bill Crabtree said.

WANTFA is using the system on their Meckering research site and will initially be undertaking precision planting, then demonstrating inter-row spraying at their September Field Day.

They will also be comparing the Beeline crops with crops planted with normal hands-on practice on three neighboring properties.

Agsystems are proud to be strongly represented in WA and the Perth based Beeline team is also comprised of sales and management staff, to ensure customers have a local and permanent support network.


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