WA's road toll at four-year low

31 Dec, 2009 08:38 AM

WA is headed for its lowest road toll since 2005, but the number of critically injured victims of crashes continues to rise.

As of yesterday, 193 people died on the state's roads this year, the first sub-200 figure in four years.

The reduced toll - 209 died in 2008 - is largely off the back of a drop in deaths in the metropolitan area. There have been 72 crash victims in Perth this year, 18 fewer than last year.

The metropolitan road toll is also at its lowest level since 2005.

But there have been 121 deaths in regional areas this year, two more than the whole of last year.

And the total number of people who were critically injured on the state's roads this year stands at 361, an increase of 16 on 2008.

There have been 174 people critically injured on Perth roads this year, an increase of 14 on 2008, while the number for regional areas stands at 187, up two.

This year's WA Christmas-New Year holiday road toll stands at eight. Last year, 13 people died on the state's roads during the period, which runs from December 18 to January 3, while 11 died in 2007-08.



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