WA's warmest April in a decade

28 Apr, 2009 01:35 PM

Perth is having it's warmest April in 10 years with an average maximum of almost 28 degrees, two above the long-term norm.

With just a few more days before then end of the month it is highly likely that this April will be the third warmest on more than 110 years of records.

According to WeatherZone data, the warmest were in 1999 and 1978 when maximums averaged 28.2 degrees.

Perth is not alone in having a warm month.

Most of the Lower West, Central West and Southwest are running two-to-four degrees above the long-term norm.

Gingin in the Lower West is averaging more than 28 degrees so far, point one of a degree warmer than the previous warmest April in 1999.

Nearby Dwellingup is averaging 26 degrees, four above average and the warmest April in 10 years and second warmest in more than 70 years of records.

Further north in the Central West, Geraldton is averaging 29.6, two above the long-term average and the warmest April in eight years.

For Geraldton this will go down as one of the 10 warmest in 67 years of records.

Today and Wednesday will stay warm for much of the west in persistent easterly winds before a weak cooler change on Thursday.

It will again arm up during the first week in May.


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