Wellard strikes domestic market deal

28 Sep, 2014 02:00 AM
This supply arrangement is a clear sign of confidence from a major, local supermarket chain

WELLARD has announced a deal with Progressive Supa IGA stores, which will see it offer lamb processed at its Beaufort River Meats (BRM) abattoir to the WA retail market for the first time.

BRM began supplying Progressive Supa IGA's nine stores located throughout Perth and the South West this week.

BRM processes up to 2500 sheep and lambs a day, enabling Wellard to meet customer demand for both livestock and chilled and frozen meat and is now pleased to also be able to supply the domestic market.

BRM business development manager Blair Brice said the Progressive Supa IGA supply arrangement was a major breakthrough for BRM and WA consumers seeking quality home grown lamb.

Up until now, BRM had exported its entire production.

"This supply arrangement is a clear sign of confidence from a major, local supermarket chain," Mr Brice said.

"BRM has an excellent reputation when it comes to processing lamb for export and now we are showcasing domestically the high-quality product we supply to overseas customers."

Wellard is currently supplying a range of cuts including legs, square cut shoulders, shanks, necks and loins, as well as spring special sides of lamb.

"Progressive Supa IGA's in-store master butchers will then prepare the cuts to meet their customers exacting standards," Mr Brice said.

Progressive Supa IGA operations manager Frank Oliveri said consumers would be the big winners.

"Our managers pride themselves in knowing what their customers want and at this time of year it is high quality, fresh lamb in season from WA's South West at a competitive price," Mr Oliveri said.

"The BRM product will be clearly labelled so consumers can see exactly who is supplying their spring lamb."

Wellard livestock manager Paul Mahony said Wellard buyers had added trade weight specifications to their buying orders in the past week to supply the Progressive Supa IGA meat cases.

"We have begun purchasing lines of lambs with a wider weight range, placing the slightly heavier lambs into the domestic market and the lighter end in the export market," he said.

Mr Oliveri said BRM's ability to source quality year round had influenced the decision to source BRM lamb from the South West.

"In summer we know we can get a consistent supply of grain-finished lamb from Wellard's feedlot, so we can in turn provide our customers with a consistent quality and quantity of supply," he said.



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