WHEAT Australia has slammed AWB¹s veto of its latest bulk export licence application as a serious se

15 Nov, 2006 08:45 PM

But with the application rejected, the consortium fears that Australian wheatgrowers will be unable to supply the sizeable Iraqi market, leaving the door open to the threat of Canadian and US wheat exports into Iraq.

In an official statement, Wheat Australia said it was disappointed with the decision because it reduced options for growers and jeopardised the Iraqi market.

The statement said the company would continue to try and source wheat from the national pool but was not holding its breath.

³Concerns have already been raised about the uncertainty of supply to the national pool, and whether AWB has in fact committed the wheat in that pool to other markets, leaving Iraq without Australian supply,² it stated.

Conjecture was also raised over the difference in AWB¹s responses to two licence applications to export wheat to Iraq this year.

Wheat Australia was left disappointed and confused by AWB¹s actions, considering it had successfully conducted the sale of 350,000t of wheat to Iraq in October this year.

³The conclusion of this contract set a firm commercial platform for Wheat Australia to further sales of Australian wheat to Iraq on behalf of Australian wheat growers,² the consortium stated.


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