ŒWheat sales will continue¹

23 Feb, 2006 01:03 PM

THE Grains Council of Australia (GCA) claims the sale of the 2006-07 wheat crop is unlikely to be affected by the AWB scandal, despite Iraq's decision to exclude Australia from its latest tender.

GCA chairman Murray Jones said the quality and reputation of Australian wheat would continue to guarantee demand from traditional and non-traditional markets.

³GCA accepts that the status quo which existed before the Volcker report was released in October last year is under increasing pressure to be changed," he said.

"However, GCA will not speculate on what changes might occur.

"That¹s a matter for industry and the Federal Government to decide.

³However, we understand that wheat growers planning their planting program for the 2006-07 harvest may be concerned about the outlook for that harvest.

"We would like to assure them that some things will not change.

"That includes continued demand for our high quality wheat from importing countries.

³We suggest that wheat producers start the year as they always have ‹ by examining their budgets and planning for the next year.

³They should continue to have confidence in the ability of the resilience of the Australian wheat industry to withstand controversy.

"It can compete head-to-head with North and South American, European and Eastern European wheats."


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