Where have the warm days gone?

07 May, 2010 05:37 AM

SOUTH-EASTERN states have lost their warmth after this week's colder change but it's certainly being felt in Western Australia in a record-breaking manner.

The Gascoyne and Pilbara have been hit the most with many centres exceeding 35 degrees in the last few days, some reaching 38, five to 10 above average.

Here are some examples of records:

- Karratha has exceeded 36 degrees on four different days this month. It had not been hotter than 36 during any of the previous 15 Mays.

- On Wednesday Pardoo reached 38 for the first time in May in 17 years of records.

- On Thursday Carnarvon broke a 63 year may record by exceeding 37 degrees, 11 above average.

- Also on Thursday Denham broke a 23 year May record by reaching 37 degrees, 11 above average.

It hasn't been quite as hot in the southwest where weak fronts are bringing frequent cooler changes. Perth has barely got to the mid 20s but will warm up to about 26 or 27 on Friday before another change drops maximums to the low 20s for a few days.

Most of northern WA will not cool down much in the next few days due to fronts being too weak to have a big impact.

It may turn out to be a record warm month in the north.

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7/05/2010 6:43:44 AM, on Farm Weekly

Dont tell Kevin, he will say it is climate change, caused by the super profitting miners,causing the greatest moral question of our time, . How to backflip.


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People need to get their facts straight before they make a story like this. This fire was
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I have worked as a shearer for 50 + Years many sheds just the same as when I first
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If any complains about this then, they simply aren't Australian and as Bob Hawke famously said