WHILE most areas of Australia are still experiencing drought conditions, WA¹s Kimberley region is en

24 Jan, 2007 08:45 PM

Jack and Vick Burton run stations in the west and east Kimberley and said they have had a brilliant start.

³Most of the Kimberley had green feed before Christmas and while it is not our best start, it is probably in the best 10-15pc,² he said. ³Instead of receiving the rain all at once, it has fallen fairly regularly and has being nice and steady.²

The Burtons will turn off between 12,000-14,000 calves this year, which will come from two stations near Broome and Derby and one between Halls Creek and Kununurra.

Jack said the early start to the wet season followed a good year last year where there was rain in April.

³The dry season didn¹t start until June last year and the cattle were just starting to go off the boil when the rain came in October,² he said.

³Depending on what happens for the rest of the season, we will look at starting to turn cattle off in April or May.

³Prices seem to be pretty good at the moment and we are just in the process of contracting half of what we will sell off this year.²

Landmark livestock sales representative Tony Cooling, who is based at Broome, is into his sixth season in the area and said it is the best one he has seen.

³There has been big wet seasons up here before, but this one is better because it started earlier than normal back in October-November,² he said.

Elders Kimberley livestock manager Kelvin Hancey said some stations in the Kimberley had six inches over four days last week.

³Prices are good at the mo-ment and there has being enquiry from a number of producers on forward contracting, and we have already locked cattle in ,² he said.


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