Why Hamish and Andy want to win a bull from Stock & Land

22 Jan, 2010 12:19 PM

RADIO celebrities Hamish and Andy are on a mission to become "bull-ionaires" by winning Stock & Land's latest competition, in which the prize is a Moyle Pathfinder Angus bull.

The comic duo, who have a listening audience of more than one million people, yesterday used their nationally syndicated program to launch a campaign to win the bull.

Hamish and Andy, the afternoon drive team at fox fm (101.9fm in Victoria), began rallying listeners in their bid to take out an Angus bull up for grabs at the Gazette-based stud’s annual bull sale.

Hamish and Andy have asked their listeners to start collecting coupons, the first of which appeared in this week’s paper, to help them win the bull and become self-termed bull-ionaires.

They began debating what to do with "the People’s Bull" on air last night and some suggestions included a barbeque, cocktail party and walk-the-bull.

A lady rang in and suggested the duo show the bull which could be a boon if they got to National Beef 2010, held in Bendigo in May.

The Moyle Pathfinder Angus Stud even rang in to invite Hamish and Andy to their annual bull sale.

* Click here to listen to the podcast of Hamish and Andy's show in which they conspire to win Stock & Land's Moyle Pathfinder Angus bull competition.

* Click here for details on how to enter the Moyle Pathfinder win an Angus bull competition.

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22/01/2010 8:09:36 AM, on Stock & Land

McDonalds and now this pair of buffoons - how low the Angus breed has sunk?
lighten up
22/01/2010 12:12:52 PM, on Stock & Land

Geez you're a sour puss Tigerdicky. Think of how many of their one-million listeners every afternoon (mainly city folk) have never heard of Angus cattle until now. It will raise the profile of the breed tremendously...and perhaps educate a few of them where their food actually comes from in the process.
Poor Angus
22/01/2010 12:38:33 PM, on Stock & Land

I don't think city folk knowing where their food comes from would be good for the meat industry - it would be for Animal Liberation though LOL.
22/01/2010 12:55:38 PM, on Stock & Land

tigerdicky, your comment is ridiculous and so typical of 'hipsters' - who cares if something is popular, we should be happy that the breed is getting more exposure to the wider community and in turn, one would assume, more business as a result.
23/01/2010 11:04:32 AM, on Stock & Land

heeem! I listen to Hamish & Andy every day, & they made a promise that they wouldn't eat him, they just want the people's bull :) I know Hamish & Andy wouldn't be that cruel! geeeez, they are great guys :)
23/01/2010 11:11:12 AM, on Stock & Land

Poor Angus, I'm sure a lot of country people don't know where there food comes from. The standing joke amongst farmers about the McAngus is that grinding beef's all they are good for.
25/01/2010 4:50:13 AM, on Stock & Land

Perhaps they (Angus Association) could talk Andy into changing his name to ANGUS and add a little more "black / red humor" to their show. I must say I'm impressed with the addition of the Angus Pure (Grass fed) to the CAAB branded beef line. Any publicity is good publicity - now the bull has bolted and has become an unavoid-u-bull success!
20/02/2010 6:40:25 PM, on Stock & Land

You are all forgeting that this is a stud bull. These buffoons are gonna make it a circus animal or slaughter it. If they don't win it the bull could go to a large farm with lots of cattle and live a full and happy life. You are all city folk, even the poeple above who say they aren't.
honestly, you people!
24/02/2010 10:53:14 AM, on Stock & Land

Do you guys even listen to the show? Or at least do a bit of research before you comment. They're planning to keep it on Hamish's grandma's farm. They have promised not to eat it. A caller even mentioned that idea once and they were completely against it. And they won't make it a "circus animal". They might show it off a bit at first, but then they'll probably just leave it alone on the farm. And who is to say if another person won the bull that THEY wouldn't be cruel it. Maybe tons of farmers want that bull to slaughter, but if Hamish and Andy win it, the bull is saved!


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