Wilson warns Greens no friends to bush

29 Apr, 2012 02:00 AM
Rick Wilson.
Rick Wilson.

O’CONNOR Liberal Candidate Rick Wilson has sounded a loud warning about the Australian Green’s ‘listening tour” of regional Australia under the party’s new leader, Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne.

“They are no friends for farmers and rural Australians,” he said.

Senator Milne replaced long-serving Green’s leader Bob Brown on Friday April 13 and immediately signalled her intention to try and win over rural voters by gathering their views during the tour.

The program kicked off in Orange, NSW last week where she met with farmers and visited other related businesses, including an apple orchid, and will resume this week in South Australia.

But Mr Wilson - a grain and sheep farmer near Katanning, WA - said the difference between the Greens and the Liberals in rural areas was like comparing apples to watermelons.

Mr Wilson said anybody who thought the Greens were friends of rural Australians and farmers needed to think again and be cautious about the new leader’s ultimate intentions.

He said the Green’s policies and ultimate policy intentions had the capacity to cause more social and economic pain than those of any other party.

“Policies such as removing the Diesel Fuel Rebate, closing the live cattle and sheep trade and banning surgical mulesing have the potential to render vast tracts of the agricultural area across Australia unviable,” he said.

“This of course is the unstated goal of the green movement - particularly as the more radical elements such as NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon, an avowed Marxist, exert more influence over the party.”

Mr Wilson said history has shown that farm lobby groups that try to appease Green groups only cause damage to the industry they represent.

“We witnessed the mulesing debacle with Australian Wool Innovation and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and more recently Meat and Livestock Australia getting into bed with the World Wildlife Fund, only to find that they plan to impose a completely un-costed “sustainable management plan” on the beef industry,” he said.

“It is very clear to me as a farmer that the only way to protect our agricultural and horticultural industries is a strong Coalition government.”

Outside of the first two visits to NSW and SA, the Greens have not revealed any further details on the listening tour and where it will go or who they will meet with, including to WA.

Mr Wilson however declined to meet with the Tasmanian Senator or Green’s representatives to provide input into the listening tour.

As a Liberal candidate it is not appropriate for me to meet with the Greens to discuss their policies,” he said.

“My role is to advocate a vote for the Coalition.”

Mr Wilson will run against O’Connor’s current representative in the Federal Parliament, Independent WA National Tony Crook, who defeated the electorate’s long-serving MP Wilson Tuckey in 2010.

Last week, Prime Minister Julia Gillard met with Mr Crook in his electorate where she announced a funding commitment of $5 million for the Anzac centenary celebrations in 2014.

Mr Crook’s fellow Independent MP Tony Windsor also visited the O’Connor electorate last week in Kalgoorlie for the Regional Development Australia committee’s inquiry into the impacts of fly-in, fly-out workforces on rural communities.

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29/04/2012 10:10:28 AM, on Farm Weekly

The green approach was to hit producers with a full frontal assault, with total disregard for the rules of engagement and the consequences of this action. Apart from the knee jerk reaction to the initial blast, this attack has failed dismally and in many ways ,proven detrimental to the green cause, so now they are trying a new approach. Problem is this new strategy from the likes of the greens,AA,RSPCA, WWF and so on are driven by the same old brutal desires and hidden agendas. Producers have every right to be wary. You would hope our so called representatives are now less oblivious to ambush!
Senator Lee Rhiannon
30/04/2012 1:17:46 PM, on Farm Weekly

Mr Wilson has mislead Farm Weekly readers. The Greens have many policies that support farmers. In NSW Parliament I worked with farming communities to move a bill to safeguard agricultural land and water from mining. I sided with farmers on the Land Access Bill that overturned a Supreme Court decision that upheld the right of farmers to deny BHP Billiton access to their land to explore for coal. The Greens led these campaigns, placing farming interests ahead of mining interests, while the Coalition parties played catch up. We continue to lead on issues like a coal seam gas moratorium.
Pro Freedom
1/05/2012 12:23:45 AM, on Farm Weekly

Rick Wilson speaks the truth... only should have gone further and told how the Greens' policies have already had a huge detrimental effect on real, productive people. The Carbon Tax and the ban on native vegetation clearing on PRIVATE PROPERTY are but two huge green-driven policies that are suicidal to a productive, secure society. This is not some far-off future impact. We're already living with the disastrous results.
1/05/2012 1:06:17 AM, on Farm Weekly

In WA many farmers who supported Liberals have been jailed or heavily fined for trying to produce or make a living, and remember the Thompson family. Liberals , Greens is there much difference, seems they follow similar policies. Liberals show no support for farmers or small businesses.
1/05/2012 7:45:41 AM, on Farm Weekly

@ Senator Lee Rhiannon ,that may be all well and good for those affected by CCG and coal mining, but over here in the west the majority of producers remain reliant on a combined meat processing sector with live exports a major component.For many LEx is the only component.Given the green stance on the removal of this highly important mainstay market ,how could you in your wildest dreams contemplate receiving any form of producer (including all affiliated business)support?Especially when the greens ignorance and determination on this issue defies all logic and has such devistating consequences!
chilla bulbeck
1/05/2012 9:09:50 AM, on Farm Weekly

As the Landcare movement proved, farmers and environmentalists care for the land and wish it to be viable in the long-term. Farmers know the influence of climate change, of excessive pesticides, of over-cropping on their land. The Greens want to hear from them and find out ways to ensure food security in the future - where farmers are paid properly for their labour and knowledge and custodianship of the land and consumers have nutritious food to eat. Hopefully farmers will be more open-minded to a conversation with Christine Milne than Rick Wilson appears to be.
1/05/2012 4:22:03 PM, on Farm Weekly

Why is it that farmers always, with boring repetition, have their hands out for 'support'? What makes you different from any other industry sector? If the Greens were to deviate from their policies against animal abuse, they would iose massive support from the 84% of decent, hardworking Australians who demand an end to your animal abuse.
Cattle Advocate
2/05/2012 7:19:51 PM, on Farm Weekly

In the 1920's at lake Alexandrina, the traditional owners would sing and play gum and willow leaves, as they cooked fish on a fire buckets in their boats as they rowed back to their wurlies at Wellington on Murray. One day, an Elder of the tribe was introduced to a visiting state governor, but wasnt impressed. It has been interesting to listen to the green's spin on what the locals think; after the greens latest visit.
8/05/2012 4:50:58 PM, on Farm Weekly

Don't tell us Nicky that 84% of Australians would vote for the greens because of imaginary animal abuse?? Crikey -can't stop laughing, you just crack me up....


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