Wiluna group wants dog bounty

22 Apr, 2004 07:00 PM

WILUNA pastoralists will push for a bounty on wild dogs in their area, despite a lukewarm response to a similar trial scheme around Laverton.

Tanya Lupton, Lake Way station, said many landowners supported a bounty and believed Wiluna was a more logical area than Laverton because it had higher numbers of sheep and more dog attacks.

Mrs Lupton, coordinator of the Wiluna Declared Animal Group (DAG), said she would ask the Wiluna shire council to support the plan.

"It might get pastoralists up and moving and even the local people who go out shooting might take an interest," she said.

She said a bounty that existed several years ago had considerable success.

The Wiluna DAG is one of six Goldfields-area groups.

It had received just $100 funding from the Wiluna shire council.

Other groups had received up to $40,000 in contributions from local shires, the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) and the Agricultural Protection Board.

Mrs Lupton said the group desperately needed more funding, and problems with

CALM-controlled land also required fixing.

Five of the 10 stations in the DAG bordered unallocated crown land, where dogs took refuge and multiplied.

"CALM do some aerial baiting but they will not allow a dogger on their land," she said.

"If they can bait or trap on the boundaries or allow us to, then that would help a hell of a lot."

Agriculture Minister Kim Chance said he would support the Wiluna bounty.

He denied claims from some pastoralists that the Laverton bounty, which he introduced, was a failure.

"A total of 58 dogs have been collected through the scheme, which is a much better result than some of the numbers coming in from doggers working in different areas across the state," Mr Chance said.

"The pilot scheme has just finished and we are certainly looking at any suggestions to make future schemes more successful."

He said Laverton had received bounty funding because landowners there had asked for it.


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