York farmer expresses fears over WEA board

30 Oct, 2002 10:00 PM

YORK farmer Peter Boyle, (pictured), asked National Farmers Federation president Peter Corish to take a close look at the structure of the Wheat Export Authority at a meeting in York last Monday.

Mr Boyle said there was only two grower representatives on the seven-man board of the WEA.

He believed producers should have stronger representation.

"Two you board members have recently been appointed - a doctor and a lawyer," Mr Boyle said.

"There is not enough grassroots representation.

"We also want to know who is going to fund the WEA. They have basically spent the funds that they were allocated with (which came from non-distributed pool equity from AWB).

"It is a role of the WEA to benchmark AWB to make sure we are getting the best prices for our wheat and it has to keep its independence."

Mr Corish said he would follow up on Mr Boyle's concerns.

"I agree that growers should have significant respresentation," Mr Corish said.

"It is an issue for the Grains Council of Australia but if they have not picked it up, I will speak to our grains committee to follow it up."


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