YOUNG farmers and agricultural college students will be the focus of plans to expand the Mingenew Ex

28 Sep, 2006 07:00 PM

Nufab principal Peter Nunn said fabrication was an important skill on the farm where a lot of work was done to fit particular tasks.

"It also is important that we promote fabrication as a career for local manufacturers," he said.

Peter's comments are echoed by Mingenew Expo organisers who recognise the declining skills base on farms.

Expo secretary Jan Michael said they wanted young people to have a go at innovations and inventions and put them on show.

"It is important that we encourage our future farmers and our future regional manufacturers."

Expo awards results:

€ Farm Innovation Award and the PD Smart Innovation award: Kevin Heitman, Morawa

€ Fabrication Award: Ian McKay for a tandem axle car trailer (1st); Cassie Masters for a hall stand (2nd)

€ Best Agricultural Exhibit: T & H Walton

€ Best Commercial Exhibit: Bioworks Australia

€ Best Merchandise Exhibit: AWB Landmark

€ Best Education/Career Exhibit: Mingenew Primary School

€ Best Family Interest Exhibit: Staywell Industries

€ Site Award (Donated by Farm Weekly), Best Sheep Exhibit: CF Thomas and Co.

€ Guess the Weight of the Steer competition: 414kg ‹ Herb Kenyan, Morawa.

€ Ute competition: Overall winner, Chris Elliott; People¹s choice, Chris Elliott

€ Best Street Ute: Chris Elliott (1st); Chris McNaught (2nd)

€ Best Rural Ute: Dwayne Cliff (1st); Trevor Anderson (2nd)

€ Best Chick's Ute: Sara Pither (1st); Lucy Hinick (2nd)

€ Best 4x4 Ute: Graeme Wilton (1st); Gary Mason (2nd)

€ Best B&S Ute: Glenn Brandis (1st); Ross Atkinson (2nd).


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