Your move, Coles

13 Nov, 2007 09:00 PM

AGRICULTURE Minister Kim Chance is hoping a new campaign launched by the State Government will entice Coles supermarkets to start stocking more WA-produced products.

The $1 million, three-year Buy West, Eat Best program promotes WA-farmed and processed foods.

WA livestock producers have been quite vocal in demanding some action from the Government to entice Coles to source more lamb and beef from within this state.

Mr Chance said Woolworths and the Herdsman Fresh Grower Market had already committed to the program and he hoped Coles would follow.

“We hope they pick it up and we hope the first place they implement it is at their meat counter,” he said.

But the campaign is voluntary and retailers could not be forced to be involved.

“With the takeover of Coles by Wesfarmers now taking place there could be a shift in direction for the supermarket,” Mr Chance said.

“Their competitors will be using it as a competitive edge, which hopefully will entice them to become involved.”

Mr Chance said the program was a response to increased consumer demands for more information about what they were eating and from where it came.

Only food which is grown, farmed, fished and processed in WA is eligible.

“This means the product can be tracked all the way through the supply chain and will hopefully keep the system regulated,” Mr Chance said.

Premier Alan Carpenter said the campaign was specifically tailored to the needs of the food industry by promoting the WA content and quality of food products to consumers.

“The program will provide consumers with an assurance they are buying food products made right here in WA,” he said.

“It also addresses the consumer’s increasing demand for state of origin products being identified on supermarket shelves."


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