$10,000 top at Shorthorn sale

09 Mar, 2005 10:00 PM

AT a strong, well supported West Australian Shorthorn sale last week, the top price bull of the sale from Lindsay and Helen Payneís, Linsmau Shorthorn stud, Bullsbrook, was knocked down for $10,000 to DC & BD Brindal, Minginew.

Linsmau Poc Explosion Y28 (P)(AI), weighed in at a hefty 965kg, and impressed Mr Brindal with his exceptional scale and fleshing.

"He is a very well balanced bull with a good coat and outstanding fleshing," he said.

"Another aspect that attracted us was his breeding.

"His sire, Eionmor Port-O-Call 60H, is a Canadian bull renowned for his muscling and excellent fleshing, which can be seen throughout his progeny."

Mr Brindal had been keeping an eye on the progress of the bull since he was 15mo, and will use Poc Explosion to breed heifers destined to go into his cross breeding program involving a 50pc Shorthorn and 50pc Droughtmaster herd.

The second top price of the sale was presented by Alex and Heather Burrows' Narralda Shorthorn stud, and was an upstanding, correct bull, knocked down to Phil Burnett, Crathes Park Shorthorn stud, Busselton, for $9500.

Narralda Yardley Y35 (P) caught the eye of Mr Burnett with his exceptional figures featuring +2.2 for birth weight, +3 for milk, +5.8 for EMA, and +18, +31 and +41 for 200, 400 and 600 day weights.

"He is a very moderate framed bull which is ideally what we are aimed at, and he had truly excellent figures," he said.

Mr Burnett will use the bull over some larger framed cows in his herd of 40 pure Shorthorn breeders.

It was Horrace Panizza's Apprelia Yate (P) who was the third top price of the sale, selling for $5500 to Simon and Bob Stead, Hargate Park, Esperance.

Yate is 872kg, and was described by the Stead's as being a thick muscular bull with good milk EBVs.

"We liked his overall composition, and he had excellent structure," they said.

The bull will be used over the Stead's 250 commercial pure bred Shorthorn herd.

First up in the bull section of the catalogue was Narralda Shorthorn stud, who as well as the second top price bull of the sale sold several bulls to strong prices.

JR Goode, Kingston, South Australia, bought four of the Narralda offering, including Narralda Yogi Y27 (P)(AI) for $3250, Narralda Yafeu Y4 (P) for $2750, Narralda Yanchep Y131 (P) for $4000, and Narralda York Y30 (P) for $4250.

Wangolina P/L, Kingston, South Australia, purchased two of the Narralda bulls which included Narralda Yessir Y082 (P) for $4750, and Narralda Ywain Y140 (P) for $5250.

Canstal Pty Ltd, Pinjarra, purchased Narralda Yarb Y32 (P) for $3250, Narralda Yule Y126 (P) for $2250, and Narralda Yodle Y156 (P) for $3250.

Irongate Nominees, Albany, successfully bid on Narralda Yabarak Y1 (P) for $4000, and Alan Peggs Rural bought Narralda Yankee Y157 (P) for $3250.

Ray and Lorraine Morgan, Nearra Shorthorns, offered three bulls at the sale, selling all three to Alan Peggs Rural including Neearra Bingo (P)(AI) for $2000, Neearra Benchmark (P)(ET)(AI) for $3000, and Neearra Balanced (P)(AI) for $2000.

Continuing on through the catalogue, Linsmau Shorthorn stud sold seven bulls apart from the top price bull, with Alan Peggs, Allan Peggs Rural, again showing his support of the sale by bidding successfully on Linsmau Rocky Y19 (P)(AI) for $3000, Linsmau Rattlers Image Y57 (P)(AI) for $2000, and Linsmau Convic Y17 (P)(AI) for $2000.

Mr Peggs continued in his buying when he bought Linsmau Omar Y105 (P) for $2000 and Linsmau Transit (P)(AI), a twin, also for $2000.

Linsmau QA Y3 (P)(AI) was also a twin and was purchased by SH Fry & Sons, Benger, for $2250.

Craig Partridge, Limorn Shorthorn stud, also offered a quality line-up of seven bulls at the sale, highlighted by the sale of Limorn Yahtzee (P) for $4250 to Jarralea Pty Ltd.

Also buying a selection of the Limorn offering was Tim Bleechmore, Boyup Brook, who purchased Limorn Yankee (S)(AI) for $2000, and Limorn Yarloop (P)(Twin) for $2250, while Allan Peggs purchased Limorn Ynabla (P) for $3000, and Victor Roberts, Scott River, bought Limorn Yanchep (P) for $2000.

Horrace Panizza's Apprelia Shorthorn stud offered 19 bulls all up, and as well as the third top price bull of the sale they also sold the 940kg Apprelia Yankton (P) for $5000 to AD Bailey, Beverley.

Elders Perth bought Apprelia Yarmouth (P) for $4500, Abbott Rural buying on behalf of PH & JK Tucky purchased Apprelia Yalu (P) for $3000, and Glenreach Pty Ltd, Pinjarra bought the 802kg Apprelia Yemen M (P) for $4000.

Continuing on through the Apprelia line-up, RE Oliver Pty Ltd, Geraldton, purchased two bulls including Apprelia Yosemite (P) for $3000, and Apprelia Yukoner (P) for $2750, while JM & H Dellagolla, Northcliff, bought Apprelia Yogin (P) for $3000.

Finishing off a successful day, Apprelia Shorthorns also sold Apprelia Yeoman (P) to Balfour Downs, Moora, for $4000, Apprelia Yod (P) to Jarralea Pty Ltd for $3000, and Apprelia Yoespro (P) and Apprelia Yarkand (P) to KA McConnell, Dandaragan, for $4250 and $3000 respectively.

Of the three bulls Wayne and Kerry Best's Crestwood Park Shorthorn stud offered, a big, pure white Shorthorn bull notably sold for $5000 to SH Fry & Sons, Benger.

Crestwood Park Your Special (P) certainly was, displaying all the attributes of a high yielding meat machine with EBVs to match, including +2.2 for EMA and +2 for milk.



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