$1360 steers top Wave Rock sale

21 Aug, 2002 10:00 PM

AUSTRALIA'S largest MSA accredited cattle sale at Hyden was again a roaring success for the Wave Rock Prime Beef Group with the 418-head yarding of cattle, selling through Wesfarmers Landmark to a top of $1360.

EG Greens livestock manager, Chris Waddingham, paid the top dollar for the year old Murray Grey steer which was offered by the Hyden producers to raise money for the local Silver Chain Nursing Post.

Mr Waddingham said he was pleased to be the top bidder because the charity auction represented an opportunity to support the Hyden community, particularly since it had endured two consecutive years of bad seasons.

At $1360, steers peaked at $250 higher than last year's top price while heifers were slightly down on last year selling to a top of $828.

The big buyers offered strong support including Peter Hepple & Sons who purchased 10 Murray Grey steers from Jesmond Farmers for $928.

Averaging 492kg, after 90 days on feed, the 10-14 month old steers sold for 189c/kg.

Mr Hepple also purchased 21 454kg Hereford steers, from Jesmond farmers for $846 (186c/kg).

The steers were a "credit to their breed" according to auctioneer Dennis Roberts.

MLA member for Merredin, Brendon Grylls, opened the sale with an inspiring speech before Wesfarmers Landmark's Dennis Roberts worked hard, in his usual enthusiastic and humorous form, to achieve recognition for the outstanding yarding.

Mr Roberts, who had played an instrumental role in grading and drafting the offering, said the presentation of the cattle could not have been better and they were all in the desired weight range.

"The cattle all made market value and there was widespread trade support," he said.

"Every butcher to attend bought cattle which was an excellent result."

Also taking full advantage of the superior offering was Jim Goodchild, Goodchild Meats, who purchased 25 448kg Murray Grey steers, from Jesmond Farmers for $840 (188c/kg) and nine Murray Grey cross 10-14mo 417kg steers from FS & KM James, Hyden, for $774 (186c/kg).

The sixth annual Prime Beef sale for the Hyden Group was held on the property of Vern and Jane Mouritz, who offered several lines of their own bred Angus cattle which sold for a top price of $870.

Peter Hepple purchased the 31 well-muscled 455kg steers for an average rate of 191c/kg while EG Greens' Chris Waddingham paid the same rate for 33 of their 427kg brothers at $816.

Vern Mouritz said although the prices were sound, the beef industry would be more consistent and able to move forward if the grain-fed prices stablised at this stage.

Meanwhile the Hyden Prime Beef Group president, Trevor Hinck, said the sale reflected the present market with reasonable prices made across the board but buyers discounting on forward-finished animals.

"Although the crowd was down a little on previous years, there was very strong support with all of the major buyers purchasing stock," he said.

The condition of the cattle was outstanding, particularly given the very trying conditions where many people had to cart water.

Ken Reynolds, Western Meat Packer, offered strong support to the Hyden vendors, buying 15 Murray Grey steers and three Murray Grey heifers, which averaged 394kg, from E & M Thompson & Son for $730 and a further 20 413kg Murray Grey heifers from the same vendors for $726 at 185c/kg.

Mr Reynolds also purchased a lot of 20 441kg Angus cross heifers for $796 another 24 of the same breed, weighing 402kg from JM & LT Hinck for $726.

Dardanup Butchering Co made several purchases including seven 456kg Murray Grey cross steers from FS & FM James for $846 and seven Hereford Simmental cross heifers, weighing 431kg, from BW James & Sons for $800.

Woolworths offered strong competition, securing 20 Angus and Hereford cross heifers from E & M Thompson & Sons for $760 and 20 Murray Grey cross heifers from BW James & Sons for $828.

Weighing 424kg and 440kg respectively these lots sold at a rate of 179c/kg and 188c/kg.



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