$17,000 Shorthorn bought by Neearra

30 Apr, 2003 10:00 PM

STUD breeders all know it's never easy to find the perfect stud bull with all the right traits to match a breeding program.

There is a lot of research and leg work and then you have to secure the right to buy the animal.

This can be a hurdle exacerbated when the bull has been ranked in the top percentages for many of the breed's EBV indexes.

And especially when he is one of the few bulls ranked in the top 1pc for both the domestic supermarket and Japanese B3 indexes for the Shorthorn breed.

For Neearra Shorthorn stud owner Ray Morgan, he happened to be in the right place at the right time.

When in the east looking for new blood, Mr Morgan secured the elite bull, Sprys Only A Legend W26, for $17,000.

A further boost to the bull's value came after the purchase.

The results of a feed trial at Rutherglen Research Station, Vic, against seven other autumn-drop bulls, ranked the bull number one for both weight gain on test (3.32kg/day) and net feed efficiency.

Mr Morgan found Sprys Only A Legend when he was at the Sprys Shorthorn stud annual on-property bull sale in Wagga Wagga, NSW, last year - in the paddock not the sale.

But it was the bull's brother which originally caught his eye.

The bull had the right conformation, an excellent backend and muscling along his top profile.

But that bull had already been snapped up by a fellow Shorthorn stud breeder for $25,000.

However, all was not lost, as the bull's full brother - Sprys Only A Legend W26 - was the spitting image.

By JR Legend, and out of a Condamine female, the bull had received an excellent package of traits from its lineage.

JR Legend was the sire of Narralda Ledger W55, a bull which was sold for a WA Shorthorn auction record of $24,000 at this year's WA Shorthorn sale in Kojonup.

Mr Morgan paid $17,000 in a private sale for Sprys Only A Legend W26, but negotiations were tough as he was set to go under the hammer in the 2003 Sprys Shorthorn stud sale this month.

"We had to put a bit of pressure on them (Sprys family) to let him go," he said.

"At $17,000 he is one of the highest priced Shorthorn bulls ever to enter WA."

Another top-class measure of this animal was his eye muscle EBV, which sits at 6.4 and was well into the top 1pc above the breed's 2.3 average.

For retail beef yield he was placed in the top 5pc and is average for the breed for rib and rump fat.

"Most of these high performing bulls are usually leaner than the breed average," Mr Morgan said.

"We bought this particular bull to give us a bit more marbling."


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