$20,500 bull tops the season

16 Apr, 2008 10:52 AM

DESPITE both the season and markets working against the cattle industry WA has still recorded its third best bull selling season this year.

Although the talk at the sales has focused a lot on the weather and the cattle market, buyers seemed to forget about it when the action got under-way in the ring and they showed they had faith in the WA beef industry, spending more than $5.9 million on new sires.

Although the season didn’t reach the highs of previous years, buyers still seemed to dig deep into their pockets, outlaying top dollars to ensure they kept the genetics in their herds moving forward.

In many cases it was commercial breeders who said they wanted the bulls that best met their requirements no matter what the cost, eclipsing stud buyers to take home the sires of their choice.

Bulls representing 20 beef breeds were offered for sale this year and for 15 of those breeds commercial producers paid the top price despite a less than favourable cattle market this year.

In total, 2007 bulls were offered for sale this season, with 1601 selling under the hammer to a top of $20,500, a gross of $5,987,150 and a $3740 average.

Compared to last year’s season which was the second best on record there was 33 more bulls offered under the hammer and 32 more sold, while the clearance rate was up one point from last year’s rate of 79pc finishing at 80pc.

In terms of gross and average, the gross was down $417,050 and the average dropped $342.


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