222.5c/kg liveweight MG heifers

24 Apr, 2001 10:00 PM

PUREBRED Murray Grey heifers, suited to breeding, reached a top of 222.5 cents per kilogram at an Elders sale in Midland last week.

This meant an average sale price of $702 per head on the top priced pen of cattle - a result which showed confidence in the cattle industry - according to auctioneer, Geoff Lynn.

"Buyers from the South West and Eastern Wheatbelt were prepared to pay good prices which reflects the demand for quality," Mr Lynn said

On behalf of Coolart Pastoral Company, Walebing, Elders Moora bought the 11 top priced heifers, weighing 315 kilograms at $702 on average.

The vendors, Jim and Joan Payne, Redlands Pastoral Co, Dandaragan, offered 183 rising one-year-old Murray Grey heifers which sold for an average of $508 each.

Their cattle grossed $92,507 with prices ranging between 130c and 222.5c/kg.

There were 47 pure bred Murray Greys with Willalooka bloodlines and 120 commercial heifers, some of which held about 1/8th Limousin content.

All were from a March/April 2000 drop.

Coolart Pastoral Co was a solid supporter of purebred heifers, buying 11 heifers at 215c/kg for $653/head and 315kg/head and 15 heifers for 211c/kg for an average price of $608 at an average weight of 288kg/head.

The company also bought nine Murray Greys for 203c/kg ($540 and 266kg/head) and another 12 also at 203c/kg ($603 and 297kg/head) which will be used for breeding purposes.

Wesfarmers Landmark Bunbury was another volume buyer, purchasing 11 Murray Grey heifers at 168.5c/kg to average $421 each at an average weight of 250kg, nine heifers for 183c/kg (298kg and $545/head) and 10 for 200.5c/kg, which averaged 308kg each at $619/head.

Wesfarmers Landmark Bunbury purchased 12 heifers with an average weight of 280kg for 181c/kg and six heifers for 170c/kg weighing 273kg/head, for average prices of $506 and $465 respectively.

Goodchild Meats principal, Jim Goodchild, from Australind Abattoir, was a believer in the quality of the breed.

"There were nice pens of beautiful cattle which were a credit to the vendor," he said.

Mr Goodchild purchased four pens including nine heifers at 160.5c/kg which averaged $410 each and 256kg/head.

He also bought two heifers at 130c/kg which had a weight average of 218kg/head and a selling price of $283 each, paid 165c/kg for 12 more heifers ($427 and 259kg/head) and 157c/kg for another six heifers which sold at an average price of $318 and weight of 202kg/head.

Tone Bridge Properties principals, JM & H Della-Gola, Northcliffe, purchased 42 Murray Grey heifers in three lots at 203c/kg ($603 and 297kg/head), 210c/kg for 15 heifers ($575 and 274kg/head) and a further 15 for 206c/kg which averaged $567/heifer and weighed an average of 275kg.



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