231c/kg MG steer at Boyanup

24 Dec, 2001 10:00 PM

LAST week's Elders Boyanup feeder cattle sale was very solid with a single 226kg Murray Grey steer topping the sale at 231c/kg when it was bought by Harvey farmer Jerry Morgan.

But it was a pen of 10 Angus steers that made the biggest impact selling for 217c/kg.

The pen of 10 well grown calves consigned by Southern Shores, Augusta, averaged 261kg to return a gross of $566.37 per head, when they were knocked down to Paul Reilly, Elders, Donnybrook, who was bidding on behalf of Mullalyup grazier M Tosana.

Mr Tosana had another three pens of steers knocked down to him through out the day including three Angus Steers (275kg) offered by JT & PA Rothwell, Waroona, at 215.5c/kg, two Angus steers (252kg) offered by R Watkins, at 210c/kg and six Angus steers (298kg) offered by P & J Middleton, Donnybrook, at 204c/kg.

It was a consistent sale from start to finish with the 1050 quality steer and heifer calves sold grossing more than $670,000 to average an impressive $641 per head.

With graziers and feedlotters being very active throughout the sale on both steers and heifers butchers never got a look in.

Compared with previous sales in the area good heavy steer calves made similar money but lighter calves were slightly cheaper.

Elders Bunbury regional manager Doug Slater was active throughout the steer offering buying for an Esperance feedlot.

Mr Slater bought 16 lines of steers to a top of 212c/kg for a pen of 15 Belgium Blue cross steers offered by TH & M Rimmer, Burakerup. The 15 steers averaged 354kg to gross $750.48.

Other lines bought by Mr Slater at 210c/kg included 29 Limousin cross steers (354kg) offered by WS & JF Clifford, Donnybrook, 27 Gelbvieh cross steers (382kg) offered by Ellamar Pty Ltd, Donnybrook, 14 Simmental cross steers (373kg) offered by Southern Shores, 13 Simmental cross steers (319kg) offered by JT & PA Rothwell, four Charolais cross steers (360kg) offered by PW & PJ Hearman, Donnybrook, 12 Simmental cross steers (344kg) offered by Riverblue, Elgin and 14 Simmental cross steers (371kg) offered by C & J Luciani, Boyup Brook.

Boyanup lotfeeder TH Munday took the opportunity buy stock for his feedlot buying mainly Simmental, Angus and Hereford cross steers in the 300 -360kg weight range. Amongst Mr Munday's draft of 85 head was a pen of 11 Simmental cross steers that averaged 326kg, which he bought at 209c/kg. The pen of steers was consigned by MAM & PR Martin, Karridale.

A line of 16 Limousin cross steers offered by NS & JF Clifford, Donnybrook, sold for 214.5c/kg to feedlotter S Camari & Co, Nannup. With an average weight of 315kg these steers returned $676.

The Nannup enterprise also paid 212.5c/kg for a pen of nine Simmental cross steers averaging 312kg consigned by Riverblue and 212c/kg for a line of 10 Angus steers averaging 306kg offered by LJ Trigwell & Co, Donnybrook.

Margaret River grazier M Thompson was active on the steer offering, buying a number of lines including a draft of 14 well grown Angus steer calves offered by JT & PA Rothwell for 213.5c/kg. The steers had an average weight of 320kg and returned $683 per head.

The smaller yarding of heifers did not quite meet with the same demand as the steers and resulted in prices easing slightly compared with previous sales, with Euro crosses selling better than their British cross counterparts.

Heifer prices peaked at 200c/kg when a line of 10 Belgium Blue cross heifers offered by TH & M Rimmer were knocked down to Margaret River grazier M Thompson who had been actively buying steers early in the sale. With an average weight of 342kg the heifers returned $684 for the Rimmers.

Mr Thompson also bought a second line of nine Charolais cross heifers which averaged 348kg at 195.5c/kg that had been trucked in by PW & PJ Hearman, Donnybrook.

A draft of 15 Murray Grey cross heifers offered by regular sale vendors TJ & PF Buller, Karridale, sold for 195.5c/kg to Elders Boyanup agent Mal Barrett. With an average weight of 335kg these heifers returned $655.

Mr Barrett also bought a second line of 12 Murray Grey heifers averaging 333kg consigned by the Bullers at 194.5c/kg.

Greg Jones, Elders Bunbury, was very active in the heifer offering buying a number of lines including a line of 17 Limousin cross heifers averaging 330kg consigned by TM & JM Kirkpatrick, Kirup.



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