$325,300 sale success

17 Aug, 2006 07:00 PM

THE crowd may have been small but the buying support was large for the offering of bulls at this year's third annual WALSA Broome Invitation bos Indicus bull sale last week where prices tipped $4500.

The joint sale under the Elders and Landmark banners saw 129 bulls - two more than last year - sell under the hammer while negotiations took place post-sale for the six passed in during the auction.

The sale grossed $325,300 - an impressive $11,900 rise on the 2005 result - to average $2522, which had also lifted by $54 on the $2468 achieved the previous year.

The Brahman offering was the day's main feature, not only selling the overall top price but also achieving results of 110 sold from 113 bulls penned; to an average of $2500 and gross of $275,000.

This saw a rise of $113 on the average and lift of $36,300 on the gross from the breeds' achievement of a $2387 average and $238,700 gross over 100 bulls sold in 2005.

While last year saw a large Droughtmaster offering and smaller penning of Charbrays, this year was the opposite - with a team of 14 of 16 Charbrays selling to a top of $4000, $37,300 gross and $2664 average.

Meanwhile, five of the six Droughtmasters sold under the hammer to a top of $3600, $2600 average and $13,000 gross.

This year's top price honours went to John Wesley's Charlesville Brahman stud, Southern Cross, when the hammer went down at $4500 after strong bidding by Lawson Klopper, Christmas Creek station, Fitzroy Crossing.

It did not take long for the price to be achieved when 24-month-old Charlesville 1178 graced the ring early in the catalogue as Lot 15.

The grey sire by Bungoona Westly Tor Manso 424/0 and out of Charlesville 1072, was a big upstanding bull showing plenty of bone and muscle.

The bull was one of 11 bulls purchased by Mr Klopper from the Charlesville offering.

The second-top price of $4000 was achieved twice in the Brahman offering and once again came from the yarding of Charlesville on both occasions.

Although the sale was not operating under the two-hammer system this year, Margaret River station, Dixon, was the successful buyer of both lots.

The first bull was a 26-month-old with a light red coat and sired by Bungoona Westly Tor Manso 424/0, while his counterpart was a 22-month-old smooth grey sire that was by Charlesville Hershey 563.


Seven studs offered in the Brahman yarding and, with a consistent type across the board, the support shown by buyers symbolised the effort breeders had placed into presenting quality teams.

Charlesville presented the largest team of Brahmans with an offering of 43 clearing entirely among good competition to achieve the breed's third-highest average at $2491.

Christmas Creek was one of the stud's main supporters, not only taking the top price bull, but also acquiring a team of 11, to an overall $2673 average.

The Christmas Creek selection from Charlesville consisted of purely grey-coated bulls that were upstanding and smooth and had good bone and muscle.

The team was sired by two bulls: Bungoona Westly Tor Manso 424/0 and Charlesville Hershey 563.

Further to the second-top price duo secured by Margaret River station, another four bulls were knocked down to this account for a $3133 average overall.

Included in this was Charlesville 1225, a 23-month-old grey bull - who was another son of Hershey 563 - snapped up for $3400.

A 27-month-old well-muscled grey sire, a muscled 26-month-old grey and a classy grey 25-month-old were also bought for $2200, $2500, and $2700 respectively.

Volume buyer of the Charlesville offering was Yeeda station, Derby, which collected a team of 15 at an average of $2160.

Yeeda peaked its bidding at $2800; this was paid for a 23-month-old red bull that was by Bungoona Lion Heart 902/9 and out of Charlesville 1415.

Two 24-month-old grey sons of Charlesville Hershey 563 were added to the Yeeda account at $2600 each, while a light red sire by Bungoona Westly Tor Manso 424/0 was collected for $2400.

Other buyers of the Charlesville bulls were Barn Hill Livestock, JR & PM Grey, Broome, and Landmark Broome through the bidding of Eddy Lah.

The Teakle family's Oakvale stud, Northampton, cleared the 20 bulls they presented to a top of $3900 and achieved the breeds' second-highest average at $2590.

Margaret River station outlaid the money for the stud's top bull, Oakvale 1856, who looked the goods and had volume and a muscular hindquarter.

The bull was sired by Elrose Fascination 2317.

Also going the way of Margaret River station was a good clean bull sired by Tartrus Captain 9732 at $2300.

Christmas Creek station was another buyer in the Oakvale catalogue, taking three bulls: two at $3000 and one at $2900.

Two of the bulls were by Elrose Fascination, a sire purchased by Oakvale for $23,000.

Yeeda was again an active buyer, selecting seven bulls to fulfil requirements.

Five were purchased for $2600, while other prices paid included $2100 and $2000.

JR & PM Grey were also marked in the book as buying a team of five from Oakvale; they averaged $2400.

The Greys' $2600 top bull was a grey-coated sire that showed style and was also by Oakvale's Elrose Fascination 2317.

Sue Patterson's Birrahlee stud, Williams, was a top performer with its small team of six achieving the breeds' highest average at $2883 and a top price of $3300.

The top bull knocked down to Anna Plains station, Broome, was a red-coated sire that was by US genetics LB MR Jefferson Manso and out of Birrahlee Sally 99/08.

Also going the same way was a stylish red bull by Oakvale Tarman at $2900 and another quiet-tempered bull by Kandoona Bradman 2839 for $2700.

Margaret River station paid $3000 for a light red bull that was 26 months old, while Yeeda station bought two at $2800 and $2600.

The Lovelocks' New Norcia-based Canterbury stud was the second-largest vendor of Brahman bulls; offering a draft of 37, which sold to an average of $2457.

The stud realised a top of $3900, which was achieved when a son of Billabong Julian graced the ring and was knocked down to Anna Plains.

The red 26-month-old measured EBVs of +2 milk, +9 200-day weight, +19 400-day weight and +25 600-day weight.

A further three bulls were added to the Anna Plains account for good prices including $2500, $3600 and $2300.

A 23-month-old grey sired by Ryvoan Deejay Manso realised the $3600 price tag.

A team of 12 bulls were put together through the bidding of Ned McCord, Broome, who was bidding on behalf of Richard and Dianne Hughes, Wentworth Cattle Co, Queensland.

Mr McCord received the buying order of bulls based on the buyer's desire for Supergene genetics to add to the herd they are based on.

The team averaged $2592 after topping at $3500 for a good looking grey sire of 26 months that was sired by Roxborough Boy.

Catalogue notes stated "Supergene assessment blue, 50 cows over short joining period, heavy".

Two bulls went the same way at $3000 each: one was a 25-month-old also sired by Roxborough Boy and the other was a 21-month-old by Canterbury Frances 1354.

Yeeda station collected another sizable team of 11; paying between $1800 and $2500, with the top money purchasing a 23-month-old red bull by Billabong Julian and a 600-day weight measurement of +22.

Michael Clinch, Cue, presented five bulls through two studs: Condamine and Kindillin.

Two thick, muscly Condamine bulls realised $1800 each when bought by Yeeda station, while a single Kindillin bull went the way of Ned McCord once again for the Wentworth Cattle Co account.

A single bull sired by Roxborough Boy was offered by Bruce Lovelock, New Norcia and the Ryvoan stud.

This achieved $2200 when bought by Mr McCord.


Canterbury Charbray stud was the major vendor in this section of the sale, presenting all bar one of the bulls, which came from Catoby stud, also owned by David and Kathy Lovelock.

Landmark Carnarvon agent Warren Smith, Cooralya station, Carnarvon, was a volume buyer, taking five including paying the top Charbray price of $4000.

The money was paid for a grey 26-month-old bull by Kiara Worthwhile and out of Canterbury Orrel 2nd.

Mr Smith was buying on account of Dale King Pty Ltd, and outlaid $3300, $2700, $3200 and $3100 for the remaining selection.

Margaret River bought one at $3500; Anna Plains selected three, which they paid to a top of $2600; and Yeeda paid $1800 and $2600 for its duo.

Landmark Broome had one knocked to its account for $2700 and Mr McCord collected one for Wentworth Cattle Co at $2000.

The single Catoby bull presented achieved $2000, going the way of Yeeda station.


Canterbury was the sole vendor of Droughtmaster bulls, selling five to an average of $2600.

Paying top money for the breed was Margaret River at $3600 for a red-coated 25-month-old that displayed plenty of muscle and thickness and was sired by Minlacowie Francesco.

The remaining four bulls were snapped up by Landmark Broome's Eddy Lah, who bid to a top of $3000 and averaged $2350.


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