$3500 Angus heifers top Beef Female Sale

16 Jan, 2018 12:00 PM

THE Landmark mated Beef Female Sale at Boyanup last week was a sale of two parts.

At the top end, the best owner bred cattle attracted excellent support but those smaller and of lesser quality or late calving had auctioneer Tiny Holly working hard.

A total of 652 pregnancy-tested females were presented to buyers who were selective in their bidding.

Overall, 520 of the cattle penned sold to a top of $3500 to gross $1.125 million and average $2165.

Angus dominated the numbers with 402 of 497 sold, including the sale top of $3500, averaging $2257.

Red Angus offered and sold 29 to a top of $2700 and an average of $2203.

Murray Grey heifers saw 40 of 49 sell to a top of $2200 and a $1820 average, with all 38 offered Shorthorns selling to a $2100 top and an average of $1540.

A small number of Angus cross, Simangus and Simmental heifers struggled on the day.

There was no disputing the standout of the sale were the two pens of Angus sold by Frank Tomasi Nominees, Karridale, with the roomy, soft and growthy heifers head and shoulders above the rest.

Prepared and presented superbly by managers Kevin and Tracy Owen, the Tomasi bloodline heifers attracted heated competition before the first pen of eight sold to Roche Family Trust, Pemberton, for $3300.

The next eight then saw even more intense bidding before being knocked down for the top of $3500, with Lance Ockwell, bidding for Roche Family Trust, outlasting the opposition to keep them together.

The sale commenced with three pens of Angus needing no introduction from GD Muir & Co, Mordallup, with RH Omedei & Sons, Pemberton, taking the first two pens of eight heifers for $2750 and $2500.

These had a calving spread from March 2 until May 8.

Treeton Lake then sold three pens, with the first line of eight going to J & G Gilbert at $2300.

The next eight went to the one bold bid of $2200 from Brad Smith, buying for PP & B Smith, Busselton.

Murray River Farms, Waroona, then took the next pen for $2300, all with a similar calving spread.

Murray River Farms added a pen of eight from GW & J Oliver at $2700 with these due to calve from February 28 until May 8, due to an Angus bull, as most of the offering were.

Shorescape Holdings started with two pens of six with RL & WG Wych paying $2400 and Landmark Brunswick agent Errol Gardiner outlaying $2300 for his choice.

Treeton Lake had numbers for sale, with the first pens selling for $2200 twice and $2100 to MJ & L Bell, RL & WG Wych and Falcinella Brothers, respectively.

Heifers from LT Toovey & Sons appealed to buyers and sold accordingly.

The first pen of eight went to Bickley Grazing at $2500 and the next was bought by South West Pastoral, Pinjarra.

Casual Flats then bid to $2400 for another eight of the home bred Toovey heifers, with EB & G Quick taking others at $2300.

Murray River Farms bought another eight heifers sold account GW & J Oliver, paying $2700 with RH Omedei & Sons taking the next pen for $2500.

The quality of the second run of Shorescape Holdings heifers was emphasised when Noel Holdsworth bid to $2700 for six and Silverlands, Bridgetown, taking a pen for $2400.

Among the better returns were pens sold by Minga Flats with Falcinella Brothers and GJ Allen, Busselton, paying $2400.

Treeton Lake offered the first pens of Red Angus, with Waters Avondale Grazing paying the top for the breed at $2700.

WD & IM Phillips, East Manjimup, then paid $2300 for the next eight mated to Angus.

The Phillips family then bid to $2000 for the first eight heifers from Cosy Creek Farms, Manjimup, before Prosser and Race snapped up the next seven for $1900.

Buying at the lower price level but taking a large number of heifers at the sale were Jardanup Investments, buying through an Elders account.

Noel Holdsworth bought the first pen of seven Murray Grey heifers for $2200 from GR & J Buller, Karridale.

These were in calf to a Murray Grey bull, due from early March to mid May.

Another line of the Buller grey heifers were headed for the Wheatbelt when PD & EA Smith paid $2150 for the six heifers.

This buyer then added the first of the Minga Flats Murray Grey heifers, paying $1800, with JP Andony paying the same for another six.

Five pens of Shorthorn heifers were offered by LJM Produce Pty Ltd with IR & SA Ryan paying $2100 for seven roan heifers and $1800 for pens of eight.

These had an extended calving from February 10 until July 7.



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